Just about every religious connotation/double entendre that can be thought of or said has been in regards the Denver Broncos, but especially Tim Tebow. Whether he is the second coming or a false prophet is for men far greater than me to decide. I think by this point he has at least done enough to prove his detractors wrong or right.

True chameleons Tebow and the Broncos can be anything that you want them to be, whether it is winners or losers. There has been little in-between this season, at times Denver seemed to be front and center in the, ‘Suck for Luck’ campaign and only a few weeks later seemed destined for at least a very interesting playoff run. Two loses later the Broncos find themselves in a very familiar position, in the final game of the season with an opportunity to make the playoffs. With the exception of 2011, Denver has had a playoff opportunity in the final game of every season since 2005.

Focusing on this season however, the Broncos have had luck on their side since they’ve had the opportunity at Luck. Carson Palmer in his second game starting for the Oakland Raiders with Darren McFadden injured, the Kansas City Chiefs without Jamaal Charles and an in-game injury to Matt Cassel, defeating two solid teams in the New York Jets and San Diego Chargers before facing an Adrian Peterson-less Minnesota Vikings and a Jay Cutler and Matt Forte deprived Chicago Bears team. All before getting their clocks cleaned by the New England Patriots and a less than fully armed Buffalo Bills team.

So where does Denver stand? Denver is the third best team in the AFC East and NFC North, but that is good enough for first best in the AFC West. That is where I expect them to be after this Sunday as the Broncos face the Chiefs for the second time this season; several caveats come to mind, there are the obvious and not so obvious–Denver has split with every team in the AFC West (and beat Kansas City last time they met), Tebow has beat every team that he has started against in the AFC West.

Then there is this one: last time Tebow lost two in a row as a starter he went 7-0.

Anyone monitoring Ben Roethlisberger’s health as closely as I am?