The show began with a little news on Albert Pujols and Jerry Sandusky (what a way to start a show on Tebow, amIright!?), but quickly progressed into the Tebow Comebacks package highlighting every comeback Tebow has made since being a Denver Bronco, featuring sound bites from Tim Tebow, Champ Bailey, John Elway, John Fox, and Eric Decker.

Next, Josina Anderson took a live shot to describe Tebow-mania as “Clamoring for the front office to anoint him [as the Broncos starter].”

Mark Schlereth and Jerry Rice (and the six Super Bowls between them) were brought in next for Tebow’s Impact to discuss how long will it take for defenses to figure out Tebow. Basically it can be summed up by saying that Tebow will likely continue to evolve, but Rice specifically singled out the defense as deserving credit.

The duo then went into a Cam Newton vs. Tim Tebow debate, on who they would choose as their quarterback; for this, here are some numbers:

4-8 W-L 7-3
60.8 Comp pct 48.5
274.8 Pass YPG 162.6
13-14 TD-Int 13-4
13 Rush TD 5

Schlereth says that he would take Newton, because the league is centered around throwing the football. Rice agreed, because Newton is a, “Tall receiver,” who can stand up in the pocket. Yes I know Rice called Newton a receiver, that is what he said. They both concluded by stating the brutally honest and original assessment that Tebow would need to continue to improve.

As an added bonus Rice stated that the Broncos, “Could not win a Super Bowl playing the way they are playing.” To which Tebow likely replied, ”Preciate it.’

Schlereth remained on the fence, due to his skill set of throwing the football.

Brandon Krisztal from 104.3 The Fan in Denver was brought on to discuss more on Tebow’s Impact and the conversation turned to the NBC/CBS corporate battle over whether or not NBC could take the New England Patriots at Denver Broncos game from CBS. Krisztal was brought on to discuss what talk radio has been like in Denver since Tebow’s been winning. Krisztal pointed out that both Schlereth and Alfred Williams won Super Bowls under Elway, but neither of them are willing to believe in Tebow as the Denver starter long term. That the fans do in fact believe that Tebow is the long term solution however.

Krisztal stayed on for the Expectations for Sunday vs Bears segment in which the host asked whether Tebow has ever played a game in the snow (I was thinking about this last week as well), pointing out the forecast as being sunny with a high of 47 degrees. Krisztal predicted that the home field advantage would finally be back, but that the Chicago Bears would be an even better defense than the Detroit Lions who gave Tebow fits in his first game as a starter.

Tebow Tweets:

Here are three #SCTEBOW tweets that ESPN featured:

Debating Tebow - Join @ from 2-3 using the hashtag - #SCTEBOW
@ #SCTEBOW any @ doubters need to get off his back and just let him keep winning. They're going to the playoffs.
OJ Orlowski
@ You know when a guy has his own top 10 then there is something going right and has people talkin #SCTEBOW
Jacob Rodriguez
He's a great athlete. Not a great quarterback #SCTEBOW

*It should be pointed out that Stanley has a Cincinnati Bengals background, I wonder what he thinks of Kyle Orton‘s quarterbackism.

Tebow’s Fantasy [Football] Life was the next segment, but I am going to venture to say that anyone who is reading this already has Tebow on their team.

Jon Gruden on Tebow is just a recycled piece from the Jacksonville Jaguars Monday Night Football game last Monday that called out the Jaguars on not drafting Tebow.

Bayless vs. Schlereth is next at this point #SCTEBOW is trending on Twitter.

“It wasn’t natural to me (to stay in the pocket), and I like to just run around and make plays. But it’s not championship football. It can be winning football, but it’s not championship football.” – Steve Young

Schlereth agrees with Young, gets redundant on his earlier conversation that he had with Rice. Schlereth says that he did feel last week’s game against the Minnesota Vikings was Tebow’s best game yet.

Skip Bayless says that he laughed when he read the Young quote, pointing out that naysayers first stated that Tebow could not win games, then moved on to Tebow would not win the division and now they’ve finally graduated to Tebow can’t win the Super Bowl. Bayless’ chant points out that Tebow’s started ten games for a not good football team and has done nothing but incredible things: sweeping the AFC West on the road, going 6-1, having Eric Decker as his primary receiver, and now all critics can talk about is that he can’t win the Super Bowl.

Schlereth goes back to Tebow’s skill set, Bayless points out the Minnesota game and how Tebow threw the football. He goes on to point out how the San Francisco 49ers called plays for Young, back when Young first started.

The duo then brought up the Broncos defense and John Fox’s Coach of the Year campaign. Both Schlereth and Bayless point out that Tebow’s impact has had a lot to do with the defensive resurgence.

Steve Young joins the conversation for Steve Young Live on whether the Broncos are using Tebow correctly, Young says that he wants Tebow to have a long career as a quarterback. Young’s position is that he wants Denver to develop Tebow as much as possible by allowing Tebow to throw and actually play quarterback in the NFL. On comparing Tebow to Cam Newton, Young says that he would want Newton long term. Says that Newton does not belong in a conversation with anyone else.

ESPN features Tebow’s Top 10 of All Time, I’ll see if I can find this on Youtube for everyone.

My Conclusion

I suppose the fact that nearly every analyst, commentator, former player, and former coach saying that Tim Tebow cannot win a game, division, Super Bowl only leads to one logical conclusion. Tebow will win the Super Bowl this season, as Mike Florio pointed out two weeks ago, “Can you imagine Tim Tebow in a single elimination tournament?” Yeah… I think we can…