Peyton Manning instructs his team during his game against the New York Giants. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Life can be sometimes rediclulous…

Peyton Manning?

Dude’s a tight ass… For real and for what?

He rushes to the line and freaks the fuck out, audibiling to have his boys switch spots on the offense.

In reality though, he is a bit tough…

He’s a bitch.

He complains about the referees not making it back in place (during the preseason) and the NFL changes the rule.

(For rules, Waylon’s going to go off on that shit soon).

Here’s my breakdown for the Colts vs. Broncos in the meantime:

The Broncos rookie secondary will wreck havoc on Peyton Manning and his receiving corps. Absolutely, the men the Broncos have entrusted to take over… They’re really good: Perrish Cox, Syd’Quan Thompson and Cassius Vaughn and King Manning has nothing on them…

That being said, I’m sorry, I can’t stop this is the featured game across the United States– 80% of the US will have the opportunity to see this game.

The Broncos, I am assuming will start Correll Buckhalter at running back (and he will step up) and will likely have a career game against the sad Indianapolis Colts defense.

Yes, Manning will be able to exploit holes in the Broncos’ defense, but he won’t be able to score as often as the Denver Broncos offense does.