Don Martindale (left) talks to Elvis Dumervil during the first day of training camp.

I was all in on Wink Martindale, I was sad to see the Denver Broncos lose Mike Nolan; after analyzing a bit I came up with my theory on what happened last season in Denver.

I like linebacker coaches, defensive line guys are usually mentally disturbed (would you leave your children with Albert Haynesworth?). Linebacker coaches are usually psychotic though, like coked out bankers that can’t not make money and the p just keeps falling in their laps.

That’s why I liked Nolan and this is why I like Martindale. His provenance, look at the linebackers in Oakland… They are/were good, last year in Denver the Broncos linebackers were really good… God like, Elvis Dumervil, D.J. Williams there’s not a team in the NFL that wouldn’t take either of those guys happily…

Exploring deeper on the defense, Champ Bailey, Brian Dawkins, Jamal Williams these guys are incredible!

So why do we suck?

It’s not Wink’s tie-dye’s shirts fault necessarily, but think about the mentality of a guy that wears a blue and purple tie-dye with a Broncos logo on it on the sideline of an NFL game knowing he’ll be on camera. That’s a guy that just doesn’t give a fuck, like Bill Belichick style, but Belichick’s a genius; a manimal that stops at nothing to win.

Martindale… Not so much.

Mike Nolan wore a suit on the sideline when he was a head coach and yes the San Francisco 49ers weren’t great, you may even call them conservative…

You see what I did there?

We either haven’t seen anything from Martindale and he’s holding back on this reckless, Hell’s Angels like defense or he’s kidding himself in that he’s projecting not caring while being conservative.

Release the hell Martindale.