Brandon Marshall scored a TD over Cowboys corner Mike Jenkins. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Brandon Marshall scores a TD over Cowboys corner Mike Jenkins in the 2009 NFL Pro Bowl. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Like cooked crack. (Enjoy that image by the way.)

Had a great podcast and it’s good to be back, to be where we’re supposed to be. We love it, Danh, Kyle and me.

So we had a special guest, Kyle Montgomery of our favorite Denver Broncos Blog, and he held us down as we covered:

  • Josh McDaniels‘ season ending grade.
  • A little McDaniels/Mike Nolan conspiracy theory.
  • Denver’s restricted free agent tenders.
  • The Broncos unrestricted free agents.
  • Does Marshall deserve a spot in Denver?
  • Darrent Williams, we air IT ALL OUT! All our feelings, passion and thoughts.
  • What to do with the offensive line.
  • Chris Simms.
  • And throw in just a bit of a season preview where we promise to have guests a plenty!

By guests a plenty, we mean it, hot ones too! And not just in the physical sense (though there will be plenty of those as well…

Hope that everyone has a chance to listen and enjoy, we will preview the draft next week and cover free agency.