Wesley Woodyard celebrates after a big play against the Kansas City Chiefs.  (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Wesley Woodyard celebrates after a big play against the Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

For Christ’s sake Woodyard, get your helmet back on when you’re on the field (that’s for Waylon)…

Slaughter House Edition:

Don’t get comfortable Denver, we still have to play them again… The Kansas City Chiefs I mean, and with them none too happy about a late 4th down touchdown run, they’ll be looking to make some snot bubbles I am sure.

“This is a tall order. We go from the frying pan into the fire. Offensively, shades of New England. Defensively, shades of Baltimore. How’d you like to line up with that every week?” – Bill Polian on the Denver Broncos earlier this week in a press conference.

This guy gives compliments like Bill Belichick Josh McDaniels, “The St. Louis Rams are one of the best teams in the league (that we will be playing this week)…” A scary compliment regardless though, because that may be just what we are (in two years), hopefully by then the Broncos will have eliminated shades and just become the Denver Broncos once again.

When I predicted the Broncos going 12-4 this season, I had them losing against the Indianapolis Colts and also their second game against the Oakland Raiders (do not, I repeat DO NOT kill me). Well, things haven’t gone exactly as I’ve predicted, but I also would not have guessed that the Colts would be undefeated this late in the season. They’re playing for home field advantage throughout the playoffs and we’re playing just to make it into the playoffs. So who is the onus on to win this game? They’re playing to go undefeated and we’re playing just to beat them, who has more weight on their back?

As McDaniels pointed out in his Wednesday Press Conference, the Colts have had seven games this season that they’ve won by less than a touchdown. He went on to say that 58-minutes of perfect football will not win the game– these guys will get you. Peyton Manning is playing the best football he’s ever played. Here’s my concern, we’ve beat this team before, yes we were under a former regime, but we still won in the regular season. Only to lose big in the playoffs. How does going for broke in the regular season effect us later on when things are really on the line? Then again, a loss here against the Colts and there is no breathing room nor variant course into the playoffs for the blue and orange.

So two weeks ago I wrote about playing with nothing to lose, well, this week both teams have something to lose. Allow me to point out that Kyle Orton is undefeated playing in Lucas Oil Stadium (albeit 1-0), so we have that…

Tough questions for the hangover, we’ll have some answers tomorrow for Happy Hour.