Thanks to twitter follower @roshon2411 for the column name! We’ve had The Hangover here for awhile, it happens on Monday or Tuesday (depending on the size of the hangover), now let us present: Happy Hour! It starts around 7:00 PM on Fridays generally or Thursdays if we’re really excited. Just some quick thoughts and questions heading into the weekend:

  • Does Knowshon Moreno have a chance at Rookie of the Year?
  • Broncos are 6-1 with Ryan Harris starting at right tackle.
  • I think Brian Dawkins will go against the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday, but does he need to?
  • The Denver Broncos are 1-17 at Arrowhead in December, the Chiefs are 37-10 at home in December. They’re also 1-6 in the last three seasons at home in December.
  • I really hope the Cleveland Browns blow-up the San Diego Chargers this weekend, I also hope Philip Rivers‘ pap smear comes back positive for excessive yeast.
  • Is there already a There’s also a… Hmm. Anyone friends with Jay on Facebook yet? He’s one player that understands Social Media Optimization, I’m going to check out the whoowns on just to see if Cutler owns it.
  • Elvis Dumervil can take a major step towards breaking Michael Strahan‘s sack record this Sunday against Branden Albert. Taking Dumervil’s record would make Strahan completely irrelevant. Would the world be a better place?

That’s what I got Nation, see you Sunday at Sidebar if you’re in New York City.