NFL sack leader Elvis Dumervil crushes Eli Manning on Thanksgiving (REUTERS/Mark Leffingwell).

NFL sack leader Elvis Dumervil crushes Eli Manning on Thanksgiving (REUTERS/Mark Leffingwell).

As Danh mused aloud on Twitter yesterday, “I wish the Broncos could wear their AFL throwback duds this Sunday.” Aren’t we undefeated wearing them? Maybe not, don’t have statistics. I was thinking about something on my trip back from Denver to New York, aren’t we undefeated when Kyle Orton starts a game injured? Pretty sure that we are… Someone bust his knee cap, (sorry Kyle!) quick– or at least get him a McDonald’s bag (sorry Brandon!).

Big shout out to JKK over at BroncoTalk by the way (welcome back to the dark side), got to spend some time with good friends Kyle Montgomery and Josh Temple (also from BroncoTalk) after the Thanksgiving Bruiser (we were all in attendance). Had some drinks and talked about playoffs, yes I know it’s early, but I get to see these guys like once a year, maybe twice… They didn’t really feel too great about our chances. You know me though, the only thing standing between us and the playoffs are the Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts, Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles. Shouldn’t be too tough (ha!), if we can come out of that stretch winning four games, we’re in. If we lose two of those five, well then we’ve got problems. I don’t know if 10-6 gets us in the playoffs this season.

Something that must be taken into account is the Denver Broncos strength of victory this season, I’m sure everyone has seen the power polls that have us ranked below the likes of the Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers (all teams we have beaten this season). That’s fair and that’s fine, but we’ll just stay quiet in knowing that we have in fact beat them all this season. Sure we’ve lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and the Chargers, but a rematch against any of them could sway any of our woes.

Enter Matt Cassel, the motherfuckin’ host of this shindig… See what I did there? Maybe not, keep up, I’m quoting Ari Gold not Josh McDaniels gentlemen. Cassel is kind of the reason we are where we are, I’m sure you guys remember and I’m sure that the talking heads will bludgeon the point to death. Every fan remembers Cutlergate and the man who started it all (no, not Bill Belichick though that’s my theory). The Broncos as you’ve heard are 1-16 in December when playing the Chiefs. This is the epitome of a trap game or is it? Guess who the one man in the entire world that knows how to beat Matt Cassel is (and don’t say his older brother)… Josh McDaniels. He brought him into this world and he can take him out.

If Denver brings the D with them, Kyle Orton and Brandon Marshall could very well have career days against Kansas City’s secondary. My concern is Knowshon Moreno, with his success the Broncos may ride his coat tails a little too hard. Then again, they could hold him back for fear of injury and then the Broncos could lose that way as well. I see the Broncos picking apart Kansas City with short passes to setup longer pass plays. I see the Chiefs going for broke, full throtal right out the gate. The Chiefs are and have been a good team all season, they just haven’t had many breaks or luck for that matter… I predict a win, though maybe not a pretty one.

Then there’s next week…

PS- Anyone want to sign Elvis Dumervil before next season? Anyone?