Brandon Marshall makes the throwbacks look good.

The colors were yellow and brown. Some people thought we looked like the ‘Nestle Quik’ label but I say we’re 2-0 in those duds.

Granted that our AFL Legacy games are over for the season but that doesn’t mean we can bust out ‘Ol’ Dirty’ again.  I’m sure the Chiefs won’t mind (though they are 0-2 in their Dallas Texans uniforms). The Patriots got to wear their AFL uniforms 3 times this season so why can’t the Broncos?  I’m sure some people don’t mind looking at the candy corn refs either.

So how bout Roger Goodell? We could say it’s just giving us some luck but at the same time Pat Bowlen is trying to raise money to give Brandon Marshall and Elvis Dumervil the raises they deserve for the nest 5 seasons. Bring back the awesome duds before the year is over. Who knows when we get to sport them again.