It's humbling in the middle. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

It's humbling in the middle. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Frank Schwab of the Colorado Gazette was nice enough to point out the Denver Broncos playoff hopes on Monday. What it all boils down to basically is even with the San Diego Chargers losing to a team like the Dallas Cowboys or the Cincinnati Bengals, they’ll still have to lose to the Kansas City Chiefs or Oakland Raiders for us to regain the divisional lead (at least that’s the harsh version). Short of Philipp Rivers falling on something sharp and pointy like Shawn Merriman’s dick LaDanian Tomlinson’s head and injuring himself, the Chargers own the west (no McDaniels).

However, speaking of the AFC West, the Broncos fall from grace hasn’t been the only thing convincing me that there’s a change in the winds. The Chiefs beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Raiders beat the Philadelphia Eagles, so this convinces me that they both have a decent chance against the Chargers Broncos (see what I did there, keep up, I’ll do it again soon). That’s about enough division/playoff talk out of me (or is it?), I’m gonna do you like Josh McDaniels did me and talk about the New York Giants.

I’ll be in Denver for tailgating Thanksgiving Dinner with my family and some of our fine friends from BroncoTalk (and fellow podcasters) Kyle and Josh. I’m hoping that my New York presence does little other than tip the scale in the Broncos favor. However, as I carefully considered this I got to thinking about New York presence. I was walking down a side street listening to Lady Gaga on my iPod (you know how I do) and I crossed the street to avoid a group of about three people who may or may not have had the best of intentions for me or my disco stick, towards a group who looked too coked up to care.

There’s a metaphor in here, I promise, stay with me. Let’s put it in football terms NFL terms even. If you’re the guys with bad intentions or nothing to lose, what else do you have better to do than play with wreckless abandon, throw some deep balls and beat the shit out of some people along the way. Though we haven’t proven that we’re better than anyone (other than the Bengals, Patriots and Cowboys) yet, we may have nothing to lose at this point. So let’s do it like the Arizona Cardinals did the NFC Playoffs last season and ruin some more deserving teams dreams (I’m staring down an Indianapolis Colts team that can clinch the top spot with a win against the Houston Texans this weekend)… Why not?

If Kyle Orton didn’t go down against the Washington Redskins we’d be 7-3 right now, but it’s always forwards, never backwards. So 6-4 coming off of a four game losing streak is not a bad place to be at all. Sure we’ve got tough games ahead, but ask the Steelers, they’re all tough games ahead. No one came into this season predicting perfection for Denver or even a moderate perfection (other than me), what is everyone so pissed off about? Even fucking Tom Jackson has lost the faith (for the first time in a long time he didn’t pick Denver to win last week against San Diego). This is literally a team that has only been losing, have we hit rock bottom? No, is there a difference between us and say a team like the St. Louis Rams? Not really, this season in the AFC playoff hunt 9-7 might as well be 0-16. So why not take our middle fingers and shove them a mile high towards both coasts- one for the East Coast media bias and one for the San Diego Chargers.

The only thing we’ve got left to do is win, we’ve proven everyone right by showing that we can lose. So let’s stop making everyone look like a genius and start handing out crow and fuck up someone’s Thanksgiving.