Kyle Orton is sacked by Chris Carr. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

Kyle Orton is sacked by Chris Carr. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

By Ian Henson

It may actually be my fault… That loss, we’ll know soon I guess. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I’ve seen a so-so first half from the Broncos most of this season… I was proud of the defense at half time, holding that rookie sensation of a year ago to no TDs and having only allowed two field goals. However, two yards passing? Really Kyle? That’s it… I can’t even blame him completely, Eddie Royal had his drops, Brandon Marshall had his… Anyone remember the days when you could just get Marshall the rock and something good would happen?

Are you fucking kidding me?

Damn. I saw an article today called Baltimore Beatdown, but it was more like Baltimore Gangrape. We got it handed to us. The worst thing is that we would have been better off losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Indianapolis Colts, two teams that if we were to make a deep playoff run we may actually face. The Ravens, a perennial top AFC team simply needed the win, where as we only wanted the win. This will hopefully propel them to turn their season around and hand out some loses to the Cincinnati Bengals and the Steelers.

And now the critics are calling out names again, one loss and we’ll be in the double digits amongst the power rankings. Mark my words, sure nearly everyone we’ve beat has a winning record, it won’t matter. A certain website has gone ahead and predicted that the San Diego Chargers, fresh off of wins against the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders will surpass us and make the playoffs. Really? Come on… Let them beat a good team first, they’ve lost to the Ravens, Broncos and Steelers.

Back at the bottom, where we belong, off the radar where we hope to stay. At least until Monday night when we get a shot at Pittsburgh. Bring it Nation.