Josh McDaniels preparing to kick ass, because that's what he does. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Josh McDaniels preparing to kick ass, because that's what he does. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

I had a mountain once, it was named Rocky, people came to know it as The Rockies. I sat above that mountain for over eighteen years and I’d speak from this mountain often, people wouldn’t listen. They’d occasionally turn their head to check out what I was saying, stick around for a moment and continue on their way. Then the Denver Broncos fired Dan Reeves, hired Wade Phillips, fired Phillips and hired Mike Shanahan. A year later he won the first Super Bowl ever for the Broncos, a year after that he did it again. Then we fired him… Hiring Josh McDaniels.

Here’s the deal Nation, McDaniels is a winner, just like Shanahan. I stated the whole off-season in my articles that McDaniels was the new Shanahan. It’s time to listen. We’re already halfway towards the record that most critics predicted the Broncos to finish with. After this week, we might just be the only undefeated team underneath the top 15.

Guess what though? McDaniels isn’t the greatest thing in Denver. Mike Nolan is, literally as I’m saying this, Chris Mortensen and Adam Scheffler are circle jerking themselves on ESPN about how great Nolan is. It’s going to be hard in a year when Nolan’s being courted once again for head coaching jobs, for now we just have to enjoy the fact that there is once again a defense in Denver. And I can’t wait to watch them beat the shit out of the Oakland Raiders.

I mean seriously, I haven’t heard a single friggin’ mention about “Raider Week,” outside of the message boards maybe (I should read those more often). So what now? Tom Cable’s down playing the match-up, McDaniels hasn’t really said much. Did the hatred leave the building when Shanahan left? Hell no. The Raiders are to the Broncos what a youngest brother is to a family of all boys. Annoying and resilient to an actual punch. So we’ll let them have it.

Keep JaMarcus Russell inside the tackles and we’ll see Andre Goodman’s coming out party. Anyone remember Javon Walker? Me either, let’s focus on these running backs and we’ll reap the rewards. 3 and 0 isn’t so far away and you know what, if it doesn’t go our way and we end 2 and 1, I’d rather lose to the bad teams then the good teams on our schedule.

Alright Nation, let’s go, looking forward to a great game and a great Sunday. Danh’s out this week in the Ukraine (I have no idea…) so we wont’ be doing a podcast this week unfortunately, but I’ve got some articles in the works and I’ll do my best to keep you entertained.