No, they're not all running to get on the podcast... Oh, shit, no wait. THEY ARE!

No, they're not all running to get on the podcast... Oh, shit, no wait. THEY ARE!

As many of you know, I have recently stepped away from the greatest Denver Broncos Blog in existence. It had little to do with anything other than an opportunity to make new what had become old to me. I loved, love the readers of Bronco Talk and the camaraderie with all of my fellow bloggers; Kyle, Jordan, Josh, East, Earl, JD… Kyle and I will always be friends, Jordan and I too (we hang out every weekend to watch the games), East and I will probably meet up throughout the future and Josh… He’s just one of the nicer guys I’ve ever met. Don’t get me started on JD, he’s another of the greatest guys that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Moving on, moving forward, always forward, never backwards. Anyone that has read me knows, I have an interesting point of view. I pull the trigger and count the bodies when it’s over, I make no qualms about being both a fan and a critic. I’m critical when it needs to be, often well before the national media has noticed. I love interacting with the fans, that’s literally the only reason why I do it at all. I make plenty of money in my day job and with my other companies, if you notice Danh and I have absolutely no advertising here at The Orange Page and we won’t ever.

I live out on an island known as Manhattan on the far reaches of the East Coast and there just aren’t a whole lot of Broncos fans out here. Unless you come to my weekly New York City events at Side Bar, there they (Broncos fans in NYC) all come out of the woodwork to cheer for Denver. And no, I didn’t get paid anything to plug the bar just now, I probably won’t even get free drinks from that shit…

Speaking of Danh and shit, yes we curse here, we drink during our podcasts and we invite you to do the same. This is an adult place for adults to enjoy. Danh is one of my favorite people that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, he’s a Broncos fan, but so much more. A business partner, a collaborator, a supporter… Just one of the finer people in life. As I’m sure you are too kind reader, if you’ve made it this far, so please join us as we continue to bring you some of the best things that you can read regarding the Broncos. We have a great backing for this site, great followers and some great sources.

As for me? I’ll be posting up my usual columns, I’ve got a bit more freedom here (I’ll make the occasional consistent typo), so you can expect the same from me, but better. Not to mention we’ve got guests a plenty lined up… This is basically the HBO version of your Denver Broncos blogs, expect it to be well produced, well written, uncandid, liquored up and brutally honest. Week after week. Is it Sunday yet?

So what are we waiting for Nation? Let’s get it!

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